Project-based internships
Finally, the grass is green on both sides of internships

The freelance experience marketplace.

A place to connect with employers, who need projects completed,
and talented people, who need flexible experience and possibly a
full-time job.

For Employers


Why outsource your projects when you could insource?

Get projects completed by affordable, talented individuals, looking to gain experience and eventually a full-time job. 

For Experience Seekers


Internships are inflexible and offer little experience.

Undertake freelance projects that guarantee you valuable experience opportunities, which lead to full-time positions.

Freelanship (Free-lance-ship) noun.

  1. Internship of the future.
  2. We connect experience seekers with companies who need eager, bright minds for freelance, contract-based projects.
  3. Experience seekers gain invaluable experience in fields related to their studies or interests.
  4. Companies gain flexibility by being able to hire talent as work demand is needed.

Sally’s mother said “No more internships,you need a part-time job.” Sally loves her freelanship because it allows her to manage her job, classes and freelance work while gaining major-related experience.