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Freelanship is an invite-only community where you meet top student freelancers, who may be interested in full-time employment.

Does outsourcing make you cranky?

Like you, I’ve outsourced work on websites like UpWork and Fiverr. In fact, I’ve tested just about every freelancer and internship marketplace on the Internet – even the ones on the second page of Google.

Here’s what I see as the fundamental problem…

There’s not an affordable and supportive solution

Imagine you need a website built, but you cannot afford an elite developer or designer. Where do you turn? UpWork probably.

What if you need an inexpensive marketing specialist to create and execute a distribution strategy for you? Again, you probably turn to some place like UpWork.

So let’s say you post your project on UpWork, and pray this experience will be better than the other times.

Then your project goes live, and boom, you’re spammed with templated proposals that don’t make any sense – some are totally incohesive.

But there are few proposals that aren’t horrible, and you set up Skype interviews with them.

Finally, you choose a reasonably priced “specialist.” You feel secure because your money is held in escrow with this industry giant.

Then, the freelancer drops off mid-way through the project, disappearing with the first half of your payment that they required up-front to begin work.

You write to UpWork and crickets. They never get back to you – not even an automated response email, saying your ticket was received.

Ouch. All those hours you spent sourcing the right person, down the drain.

There’s a talent supply you haven’t thought of tapping…

But what if I told you that there was an untapped supply of 19 million talented, US-based college students, looking to freelance for you at rates you could actually afford – hell, rates that could actually leave you with leftover money to spend?

Imagine if your outsourcing process looked more like this:

  • Submit a project to Freelanship.

    We share your project with our private Slack group of freelance talent.

  • Get a confirmation email.

    The email provides you with the founder's contact info so you can reach her anytime.

  • Qualified candidates email you.

    Only qualified candidates, approved by Freelanship, email you.

  • Hire someone.

    Hire a freelancer(s), who may be looking for full-time employment.

Do this, and you’ll have managed to save yourself a bottle of Advil, money and your most valuable asset – your time.

Submit your first project for free

I get it. Trust me, I totally get it. You don’t know anything about Freelanship, which is why your first project post is on the house.

What if I told you I’d even write your project description for you?

I know Freelanship may not be the popular high school senior, but seriously, who likes that jerk anyway?

It’s the little guys, like Freelanship, that cherish the ground you walk on.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to outsource work affordably and build your talent pipeline efficiently.